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“Top Ten Toys can make a toy shopping trip with a 3-year-old fun and easy.”

“Let’s start off with the fact that it's easy to get to and find in Greenwood,
and there's a large, free parking lot...” 

Infant section sunny

“The selection here is carefully thought out and arranged by age group and category: art, music, lunchtime, crafts, dress up, etc.
I always thought this store rocked pre-baby, and now I truly appreciate it!”  

“The options are astounding here. I thought I'd be in and out,
just a quick stop to pick up something for my 2-year-old nephew,
but I spent a good half hour browsing, distracted by all the bright colors and shiny objects.
And I didn't even make it outside the toddler section!”     

“This is the greatest place in the world.
The store's approach to play and childhood (as well as parenthood & life)
is based on imagination and artistic creativity.
Finding real toys is so totally refreshing.” 

“We went in looking for horse toys for my daughter’s 4th birthday.
What a horse section! Hands down the best toy store in Seattle.” 

“Hands on. Yeah, I mean you can touch stuff. Try the blocks, beat the drum,
and even walk around with the goofy puppet on your hand.” 

Wrap station

“My favorite part is probably the wrap-it-yourself station. A huge roll of butcher paper, Do-A-Dots in lots of colors, and spools upon spools of ribbon. It almost makes the cool toy your small child spent so long picking for someone else easier to give away. ;)”

“We're here about once a month. During every visit,
we discover new toys and visit the ones we're coveting.
The employees are super cool and very well-informed on their products.
We've often had conversations with them about toys we’ve bought and our feedback,
which is met with appreciation and curiosity.” 

“Fantastically organized with all kinds of items: art supplies, puzzles, science experiments,
books, musical instruments, puppets, rocks and minerals, and more. You will not be disappointed!”  

“What can I say that hasn't already been said? This is an AWESOME toy store!
My son has ASD and we've picked up some great sensory toys for him here.
Many of the toys they stock are pretty hard to find too!” 

“Many of the product lines sold here are able to keep the most attention challenged kid
busy for weeks, if not a lifetime.” 

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