Frequently Asked Questions

Can I buy toys off of your website?

Unfortunately no, not at this time. We tried doing internet sales for about a year and found that they were more trouble than they were worth. We just are not currently set up to ship things out with that regularity.

Do you sell Barbie?

Sorry, we don't sell Barbie, or Bratz, or Polly Pockets. Our niche is slightly different than big chain stores and often times we couldn't hope to compete with them on high-mass-market items anyway.

Do you sell toy Guns?

Nope. We have a non-violence policy in the toys we carry, so we don't carry any toy guns, bows and arrows or swords.

Do you sell Zhu Zhu Hamster?

Unfortunately, no. We tend to shy away from predominantly electronic toys or toys that make a lot of annoying lights and sounds. We also do not carry video games.

Okay, so what do you carry?

We carry a wide variety of classic toys, many wood toys, new toys and games that have not yet been snapped up by the exclusive mass-market, educational toys and generally things we think are cool. We also have a huge arts and crafts section, a wonderful musical intrument selection and a wide variety of children's books.

Where are you located?

Top Ten Toys is located in the heart of Greenwood (in North Seattle). For directions to our store click here.

What are your hours?

Our regular hours are 9 am to 9 pm everyday except Saturday and Sunday when we close at 7 pm. We are closed Thanksgiving day and Christmas day. We also run special holiday hours from the day after Thanksgiving to Christmas when we are open from 9 am to 9 pm every day. On Christmas Eve we close at 5 pm.